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We are currently building a separate website for Agara Weddings. We will be uploading more of our wedding content there.

Event Coverage

We’re a professional Wedding Videography and Photography Company based in London and Coventry. We specialises in capturing your most beloved moments on film. We are storytellers at heart, and focus our skills on artistically capturing the look and feel of your event. From charming candid shots to more traditional scenes, we will create a video that stands the test of time. Take a look at our work and get in touch for details about our services.

Welcome Guide 2023


Anchor 1 - Full Event Coverage

We love to capture the interesting and exciting scenes of life’s seminal occasions, both big and small. An inspiring speech, a hug at sunset, a baby’s first smile. These are the moments that motivate us each and every day. We are a group of filmmakers who stepped into the event industry. We’re always excited to meet new people and help them capture those unique moments and special events. Check out our portfolio and get in touch to learn more.

Professional Team

We are a group of filmmakers striving to achieve wonders. From basic event coverage to comprehensive pre-production and post-production services, our professional staff of videographers videographers, editors, sound designers, colourists and animation designers to work on your event video as it was for a movie. Sounds too good to be true?

Get to know the video experts behind Agara Studios, a group of talented and passionate artists who are ready to turn your next event into a memorable video you’ll cherish forever.

Reasonable price

Nowadays videography services can be expensive but if you break it down, you will understand why. On our invoice we will breakdown the cost.
- Professional equipments are very expensive, we regularly update ours every two year or so to keep up with latest technology. Not to mention the number of hard drives to store the files.
- We have a number of professional staffs to work on your event.
- Keep in mind the cost of the business and the inflation over the years (office rent, utilities, insurances etc.)

Deliver in HD or 4K

The popular format to record an event today is HD. By recording in 4K, they are a number benefits for you to get your final video in 4K. For the past decade, the number of 4K TVs have increased and it can now be found in most household. It will only increase more in the upcoming years. Future-proofing your video can be a better idea. Think about re watching the video 15 years later on your 8K TV :)

Keep in touch with us

As you might have noticed we are very transparent the way we work. When you call us for an inquiry, that will be our initial meeting. We will listen to all your requirements, answer to all your questions, and give you an estimation with the breakdown. Then when you decide to go ahead with us, we will set a second meeting near the date to go through the itinerary of the day, brainstorm ideas, and many other things. But of course, you can get in touch with us any other time as well, our team will be happy to discuss ideas, answer to any questions you might have during and after the event.

Add Ons

Let us know what we could do as an extra for your event.

Live Streaming

Photography Service with Album

Save the Date Video

Pre-Shoot Video / Photo

and more.

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Our Wedding Pricing

Every package comes with its unique features for you to choose from.
We also have add-ons that could be added to the package to be tailored around your needs.

If need more help, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss and get the right solution for you.

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Add Ons

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