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Photo Booth

Add the fun of a photo booth to your event

Hire a Photo Booth

We offer a professional live streaming service with a minimal and compact setup for any scale of events.

Up to 6x8 Prints

Multiple Camera Angles

Non-intrusive filming - we won’t get in the way of the day

Complete Privacy - Only those you invite can watch

Full 1080p back-up recording

Affordable packages with no hidden extras

Covid-19 Guidelines applied

Bespoke service

With your unique link, share it with whomever you choose to.

Your loved ones can witness your special moments wherever they are with any device that has an internet connection.

Customised Website Page & Unique URL

Customised Graphics

Invitation Link Cards

Live Chat

and more.

John and Emma.png

We value the privacy of our clients.
You will be provided a web page with a unique URL for your event.

We can add an extra password authentication to access the live.

Quality Service

We provide a first class professional service to our clients.

We pay attention to every little details and we put our heart into the work.

Back-up Recording

We also take all the necessary precaution and one of them includes a

Full HD Back-Up Recording. 

4G - 5G Connectivity

We use our own internet data to stream live. We use high frequency data so that you get a crystal clean live feed.
The internet speed may vary depending on location.

Our Wedding Packages

Every package comes with its unique features for you to choose from.

Have a look at our popular solutions for live streaming services. All packages are designed in a way that could accomodate from small to large scale of events.

We also have add-ons that could be added to the package to be tailored around your needs.

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss and get the right solution for you.


Suitable for Wedding Ceremonies


100 Prints

6x4 Prints

1 Technician

DSLR Camera

Additional Prints £5 per prints

Premium Plus

High-End Solution for Weddings


600 Prints

6x8 Prints

Cardboard Frame

2 Technician

DSLR Camera


Additional Prints £3

Popular Package


Suitable for

Wedding Ceremonies & Speeches


300 Prints

6x8 Prints

Cardboard Frame

2 Technician

DSLR Camera


Additional Prints £3


Suitable for Short Wedding Ceremonies*


Up to 1 hours of live stream

(extra hour £100)

1 Live Technicians

1 Cameras

4G - 5G Connection

Dedicated Webpage

Without compromising our quality we introducing a more affordable Basic package.

*Although we focus on every detail to provide our clients exceptional and professional services, with this package, we would like to mention some risks.

As we are operating with one camera only, in the event of obstruction like someone walking in front of the camera, we won't be able to switch angles.

We designed this package for civil registration or short church wedding.

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COVID-19 Regulations

We take the Covid-19 regulations very seriously. We are bringing you a professional live stream set up with a minimal and compact setup that doesn't require a large crew. In fact it's achievable with only one person or two.

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